Creating the Vital Bond every time

StarLoc adhesives UK manufacture a wide range of consumer, diy, hobby, craft and industrial adhesives

Using our quality range of high grade adhesives we can create the vital bond you require on all surfaces

At StarLoc Fivestar adhesives manufacture all our adhesives from base chemicals, formulated especialy for purpose, manufactured and packaged to strict quality procedures giving the best product every time.

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The best way to create a vital bond is to use StarLoc every time

FiveStar Adhesives / StarLoc Adhesives are specialist industrial adhesive manufacturers based in Runcorn, Cheshire, UK We manufacture a wide range of adhesives in a wide range of chemical technologies

Epoxy Resin Adhesives, from 1 min set time to slow cure, toughened and non slump gel formulas and high temperature grades Structural Acrylic / Methacrylate Adhesives in 2 part equal mix or single part with primer/ activator Cyanoacrylate Adhesives in ethyl, methy, butyl , allyl and alkoxyalky plus other speciality monomer base formulas , standard cure to super fast cure surface insensitive in a wide range of viscossities and gel formulas plus a wide range of colours plus toughened formulas in both black and clear formulation Anaerobic adhesives and selants ( threadlocker, retainer and gasket /flange/thread sealer ) in a range of grades to meet standard grades available from other manufacturers Emulsion polymer adhesives based on PVA and copolymers, Acrylate dispersions, aliphatic resins etc Contact and Presure Sensitive Adhesives based on Neoprene, SBR and NR and acrylate bases , in solvent and waterbased formulas Cellulose , Acrylic, rubber based synthetic cements Solvent welding solutions for various plastics and universal formulas Universal plastic repair packs, for bonding of difficult to bond plastics such as teflon, polyethylene and polypropylene Specialist grade model/hobby and craft formula range also available for specific jobs on model hobby applications, foam polystyrene bonding, balsawood bonding, window bonding etc plus a range of cellulose dope / paints and thinners